HY Series of Organic Bentonite

HY Series of Organic Bentonite

HY series of organic bentonite is a kind of important fine chemical raw materials. Its oil-tend characteristics makes it easily form a thixotropic gels in organic solvents,it has the properties of anti-settling,thickening,anti-sagging and thixotropy.lt has a wide range for polarity of solvent and temperature application.Our organic bentonite is widely used in paint,ink,high-temperature

Lubricating grease,sealant,oil drilling,precision casting,adhesive,plastic,asphalt,petroleum additives and other chemical industry,it is a kind of good thickening agent,stabilizer,anti-settling agent,rheology modifiers.

HY Series Organic Bentonite Application (Based on the Polarity Solvent)


Organic bentonite

Inorganic gel

HY series of activated white clay