Application of Organic Bentonite in Drilling Mud

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Application of Organic Bentonite in Drilling Mud

Oil based mud can effectively drilling in complex stratum, in case of expansive mud stones, hale rock, salt rock, gypsum, which can prevent the collapse of the drilling; as it can also prevent mud expansion, it could protect the permeability of oil and gas reservoirs, it is suitable for low or high pressure oil and gas reservoir. The stability in high temperature is very strong, it is suitable for drilling in super deep well, oil base mud has super anti-corrision ability for metal against CO2, H20, which can make the life of the bit longer, and it can be used as drilling fluid for coring.

Oil based mud is mainly used for solving the differential pressure sticking occurred in the process of drilling accidents, oil base mud rheological and filt ation solutions good performance, strong anti-pollution ability, viscosity coefficient of filter materials.            

In emulsified oil base drilling mud, inverse emulsion oil base drilling mud, oil base drilling mud and oil base mud formulation solution, when the solvent is diesel based, select HY-120, HY-758 organic bentonite, when the solvent is mineral oill based, the best choice is HY-738Y organic bentonite, it can make the mud suspended, articles layer well, wall and anti-filtration effect, when the medium pressure and temperature at 108PA and 230℃, it could still maintain the stability of chemical and physical.